Studebaker Racecar by Bo Zolland

21.February, 2007 @09:02     Coupe News

1953 Studebaker with Corvette Z-06 chassis and NASCAR engine for a Canadian customer. This is a car for LaCarrerra Panamerica and autocross, track driving and it also will compete in Arizona speed events.Studebaker-Racecar-by-Bo-Zolland-1

Est top speed 185-195 MPH
Est 1/4 mile: 10.5 sec with street tires, 9.8 with slicks Studebaker-Racecar-by-Bo-Zolland-2

Natural aspirated NASCAR engine with no restrictor 775 HP on 98 octane pump gas and 950 HP / 8500 RPM in full race trim. Chassis, brakes, rear, front axles modified 2006 Z-06 Corvette, fuel cell tank. Flat undercarrige with hidden diffusors for ground effect, reducing lifting force. Body
panels in carbon fibre, with original looks on chrome trim.Studebaker-Racecar-by-Bo-Zolland-3

Interior: Full NASCAR style cage with original looking fabrics on Sparco racing seats, and 6 point belts Wheels, in street version BBS 20´ Wings will be added for high-speed events, but not for street driving.Studebaker-Racecar-by-Bo-Zolland-4Studebaker-Racecar-by-Bo-Zolland-5