Sporty Three-Piece Suits the Z06

20.October, 2009 @08:10     Coupe News

The 512PS, 320kph Corvette Z06 can compete with the very best of the sports car league with “old-fashioned engine building”. Proven technology and a good balance provide the perfect base. But the Z06 also comes with high-tech equipment including an alloy chassis, sodium-cooled outlet valves and titanium connecting rods. So the customised Cargraphic Racing-wheels – 19“ (front axle) and 20“ (rear axle) – are in good company.


100 per cent made in Germany, the three piece cast or forged wheels with a classic multi-spoke design fit perfectly with a sportscar icon with its own heritage. Especially with the sporting and aggressive combination of the black-painted centre and high-quality, polished steel rim. But the choice of colours remains wide open and Landau is the land of unlimited possibilities. The extreme lightweight Racing earned its name as the wheel was already on board in a Nürburgring-world record car – and Walter Röhrl calls one set his own and has them on his private Porsche.


Manufacture:   Three-piece alloy-cast or forged centre, strengthened alloy          inner rim and high quality polished steel outer rim


Locking nut circle:      Fixed, drilled from 5x98 until 5x130


Dimensions:                6,5 x 18 inch until 12,0 x 22 inch


Load:                          From 765 kg until 950 kg per wheel


Colour:                        Silver as standard; individual colour with surcharge