Akrapovič Lends Extra “Muscle” to One of America’s Iconic Cars

03.August, 2015 @15:08     Tech News
Akrapovič has styled two new exhaust systems for the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) that will take one of America’s legendary sports cars to an even greater performance level.
The Akrapovič Slip-On Line system is the first step in performance exhaust tuning. Made from high-grade titanium, which will considerably reduce the weight in comparison to the stock system, the Slip-On Line is perfectly designed to fit directly onto the Stingray’s existing bracketry. Developed and produced in-house at Akrapovič’s state-of-the-art factory in Slovenia, the Slip-On Line features exhaust valve housings cast in the company’s own titanium foundry—a unique facility offered by the world’s best high performance exhaust system manufacturer.
The Slip-On Line fits directly onto the existing stock link pipes and features four valves. The first pair operates in four-cylinder mode, with the second set coming into action as the revs rise and using the car’s own drive mode selector. The system produces increased power, better throttle response, and improved torque, as well as an enriched assault on the senses due to the enhanced sound the system gives the Stingray. In the open modes—with all four valves open—the Slip-On Line delivers an amazing sound from the stunning naturally aspirated V8 engine, making this already impressive-sounding engine even more extraordinary. The Akrapovič sound engineers have included resonators inside both mufflers, designed to make the sound enjoyable inside the car on longer journeys, and ensuring that there’s no unwelcome noise inside the cockpit.
Taking the tuning process to the next level, Akrapovič has launched the Evolution Line system, which will dramatically reduce weight, supply more power, lower back pressure, enhance throttle response, and increase torque to even more impressive levels. Made from high-grade lightweight titanium, this full system has a perfectly balanced link pipe and a brand new X-pipe, all designed to significantly increase performance over stock and also compared to the Slip-On system. The Evolution Line features four valves; the first pair operates in four-cylinder mode and the second set becomes active when the driver needs it. With an electronic device developed by Akrapovič engineers for the five standard GM modes—Weather, Eco, Tour, Sport, and Track—the system is perfectly matched to operate with the car’s drive mode selector, with these options providing an even greater range for the driver to fully experience the amazing sound of this car. The soundtrack of the Stingray is further enhanced with the introduction of the Evolution Line: the engine characteristics of the V8 configuration are perfectly matched to the exhaust to produce a pure race note—without any unwanted noise in the car’s cabin—to serve up total enjoyment and exhilaration.
The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray is one of the greatest cars in American motoring history and its latest incarnation takes performance to whole new level, which can be further improved by installing either of the Akrapovič exhausts. Both systems are finished with four large-diameter carbon fibre tailpipes with titanium inners to perfectly complete the appearance of the Slip-On Line and Evolution Line and make them stand out as something special, offering a full experience for the senses because these systems look as good as they perform and sound.