BMW 6 (E24)

The E24 6 series was introduced in 1976. It was available as 2 door coupe. There were two models available: the 630 CS and the 633 CSi. The 630 CS had a M30 6 cylinder engine with 185 HP. The 633 CSi also had a six cylinder but now with 200 HP. In 1978 BMW introduced the 635 CSi. This model also had a six cylinder but now with 218 HP and a top speed of 230 km/h. The 635 CSi had sport seats, alloy wheels, a front and a rear spoiler. In 1979 the 630 CS was replaced with a 628 CSi. It had a six cylinder engine with 184 HP. In 1982 the 6 series received a facelift. They now had a new dashboard and a service indicator. The 633 CSi went out of production. In 1986 the 628 CSi was no longer available. The 635 CSi now was available with or without catalist. The catalist version had 185 HP. In 1987 the catalist version received more power. It now had 211 HP. In 1989 the new 8 series was introduced so the 6 series went out of production in 1990. No new 6 series was introduced until 2003, when the 645Ci came available .... A coupe based on the E65 7 series, but nicer and faster. The V8 engine means 333 HP, more than enough to reach a limited 250 km/h! A convertible will come available in 2004, as will other engines for the coupe.