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Fuel Economy, Every Way You Can

24.October, 2005 @08:10     Tech News

[PIC=279:right]Economy driving, for example: car fleet managers know that some drivers use less fuel than others, while maintaining the same schedules. The secret, as the most skilled drivers will tell you, is to think ahead and to maintain enough space around you that you can always be smooth and gentle with your car.

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Clarion Is Tops In Europe

19.October, 2005 @23:10     Tech News

[PIC=265:left]Clarion has been crowned as the best car audio head unit in Europe, following voting by 52 Editors-in-Chief of the most influential magazines across 18 countries.

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Legendary Power off the shelf … Roush launches its big V8s in Europe

17.October, 2005 @10:10     Tech News

[PIC=261:right]The Roush range of big power, high-performance V8 engines, derived from its legendary success in racecars, is to be marketed throughout Europe. The company makes its debut appearance at the annual Kit and Performance Car Show at Donington this weekend where it unveils the first three fully calibrated engine packages, which will spearhead Roush’s entry into this growing specialist market.

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