First aftermarket aluminium alloys with central locking

30.December, 2009 @08:12     Coupe News






“Central locking as standard” – no longer anything special? Well that may be the case with doors. In connection with alloys, however, the so-called central lock triggers the spontaneous I-want-to-have-it reflex of sports car fans. The 997 GT3 MK2 is the only mass produced Porsche car which comes supplied with this authentic motorsport extra. And if you still need a new set of wheels? The Porsche tuner Cargraphic has an attractive solution to hand with the new central locking version of the one-piece IS-ONE Flowforming wheel. As a long-term motorsport supplier the tradition-rich company from Landau also shows that it knows how to impress technically with this design. The lightweight version of the alloy is, of course, used exclusively for the motorsport-loving GT3, and in 19-inch, the optimum size for driving dynamics. As a result the access to the wheel well, steering forces and unsprung masses remain in perfect balance.  Due to the innovative flow-forming process the cast wheel also develops wrought-like characteristics with regards to the quality of its metallic structure.


Regardless which terrain the Porsche driver is on with the IS-ONE central lock (CL): the classic combination of Y and U spokes in a modern design guarantees a stylish appearance. The wheel is neither too austere nor formally overloaded. As standard the alloys are supplied with a GT-3 hub cap and black or silver coating, although Cargraphic sets no limits on the optional colour individualisation of the wheel: from understatement to show-stopper, all varieties are possible. The IS-ONE CL is thereby one of the few “locking devices" which is designed to generate publicity.


IS-ONE CL (light-weight)


Production:                             one-piece heat-treated flow-forming cast wheel with wrought-like characteristics

Dimensions:                VA: 8.5 x 19; HA: 12.0 x 19 inch

Maximum load:           VA: 450kg per wheel; HA: 650kg per wheel 

Colours:                                  Silver or matt black as standard; individual colour scheme for a surcharge.