Coupes, coming from Great Britain are synonymous for prestige and tradition, made in small quantities, mainly for special customers. Some of them were produced in large batches. British vehicles have written automotive history. They were able to maintain their status to this day, although they experienced much success, shocks climbs and falls. However, among the most desirable cars ever build by the British, the best coupes were Aston Martin and Jaguar. Rolls Royce made some instances; which were chosen only by certain people. UK is automotive sports area. Manufacture of luxury cars and cars for motor sports can be said to be strictly separated.

AM V8 Vantage

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24.February, 2011 @21:02    

Aston Martin introduces the new Virage - supremely elegant and powerful, yet juxtaposed as an understated sports car. The marque can now provide customers with a class-leading range, all with different characters, yet with the same unique Aston Martin soul and luxury.

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