Coupe, coupé, cupé, kupe, kupé, kup?, ????, ????, ????,

European car manufacturers make coupes from the initial low to high price range. The market has come across a number of variations mainly due to war and people's needs. We could assess that the coupe had a boom in the 70’s, with years they’we became more technically sophisticated and prestigious. After the coupe with the greatest range of size, performance and prestige. End-80's there was a minor crisis, and car manufacturers were no longer launching coupe cars in the market, only a few have remained faithful to tradition. In the period since 2000, European manufacturers’ of coupe cars awakened middle class coupes, by technically very sophisticated coupes. In the middle of 1990 was a calm market for coupes, producers had difficulties to present and market a new model. Among the leading car manufacturers of coupes is certainly Mercedes, followed by BMW. Audi joined them by making the A5/S5 model. Renault has also presented new Laguna Coupe an interesting coupé after a long time.

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