The first 3 series was introduced in 1975. This model received the code name E21 and was available with a four cylinder engine as 316, 318, 320 and 320i. In 1977 the six cylinder 320 and 323i replaced the 320 and 320i four cylinder. In 1979 the 3 series received a small face lift and in 1981 the 315 came available. At the end of 1982 the new E30 3 series was introduced. It was available as four cylinder 316 / 318i or as six cylinder 320i / 323i. In 1985 the 325i replaced the 323i and the 324d diesel came available. Also available now were the four wheel drive 325ix and the 320i / 325i Convertible. At the end of 1987 the 3 series received a small face lift and BMW introduced the 324td turbodiesel and the 3 series Touring. In November 1990 the new E36 3 series came available. It had a M40 four cylinder in the 316i / 318i or the new M50 6 cylinder in the 320i / 325i. In 1991 BMW added the 325td turbodiesel and in 1992 the Coupe came available. A new Convertible was introduced in 1993 and all four cylinder models received the new M43 engine. Also new were the 316i Coupe and the 325tds turbodiesel Sedan. At the end of 1993 BMW introduced the 316i / 318ti Compact and in 1994 the new four cylinder 318tds turbodiesel came available. The 328i replaced the 325i and the Convertible was now also available as four cylinder 318i and six cylinder 320i. In 1995 the E36 Touring replaced the E30 Touring and in 1996 a four cylinder 318is Sedan came available. The 316i Touring and a 323ti Compact were added a year later. In 1998 BMW introduced the new E46 3 series. It was available as four cylinder 318i / 320d and as six cylinder 320i / 323i / 328i. The 320d was a four cylinder diesel wich replaced the old E36 six cylinder diesels. In 1999 the Coupe and Touring came available and BMW introduced the 316i Sedan and the six cylinder 330d diesel. The new E46 convertible and a new 330i and 330ix four wheel drive will be introduced this year.


15.August, 2015 @19:08    

 In August every year car enthusiasts from all over the world gather for the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach to immerse themselves in the fascination of both automotive treasures from years gone by and pioneering studies for times to come. The BMW Group has come up with something very special this year with the world premiere of the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R 

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16.January, 2013 @18:01    

The G-POWER aerodynamic program „RS“ – efficient, distinctive, elegant – enables the up to 720 hp strong G-POWER M3s to achieve their performance potential on the road and at the same time provides for a weight reduction    

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22.January, 2011 @10:01    

The BMW M3 GTS seams to have all it takes for being the ultimate BMW M3: lightweight body parts, carbon aerodynamic parts, titanium exhaust, racing suspension, roll cage and racing bucket seats for six-point seatbelts. BMW is right when they call it an “extreme athlete for street and racetrack”.

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04.June, 2009 @08:06    

The BMW M3, a car which has long been an automotive benchmark, is now available as a special Edition model. This ultimate M3 comes with a 10mm lower ride height for enhanced dynamic capability while the interior and exterior offer unique visual enhancements to differentiate them from the standard M3 Coupé. 

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12.November, 2007 @17:11    

[PIC=1651:left]AC Schnitzer is presenting a truly athletic team at the Essen Motor Show. In the Aachen interpretation of the M3 coupé, AC Schnitzer debuts a very eagerly awaited member of the squad.

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