Peugeot 407 Coupe

The 407 Coupé Prologue continues a wonderful heritage of great Peugeot Coupés, a heritage that is represented at the Geneva Show with a design prototype conceived in the 1930s by the renowned engineer Jean Andreau. The Peugeot 402 model – which demonstrated Andreau’s aerodynamic designs – was produced in 1936 and shown to the public in October of that year at the Paris Motor Show


17.August, 2007 @19:08    

[PIC=1644:left]One of the most important changes to the 407 Coupé line up is the launch of a new derivative – the HDi 136 – and now available to order. The new 407 Coupé HDi 136 has a CO2 output of just 156g/km with 48.0mpg on the Combined Cycle.

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29.July, 2005 @16:07    

[PIC=150:right]The Peugeot brand has been associated with some great coupés over the years that have today become true classics around the world. Cars like the 404, 504 and 406 coupés have become icons of their time.

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14.February, 2005 @22:02    

[PIC=49:left]An exciting Peugeot 407 Coupé concept car is set to be one of the undoubted stars of next month’s Geneva Motor Show. Known as the ‘407 Coupé Prologue’, it strongly hints at how the forthcoming 407 Coupé will look when it hits the showrooms in early 2006.

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