Akrapovic Slip-On Exhaust System for Audi TTS

11.January, 2010 @16:01     Tech News

Some feel that the TT is more a fashion accessory than a true sports toy. However, the TTS model proves the opposite. From its two-liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection you can expect the serial 272 HP and 350 Nm torque. But if the back of the TTS boasts an Akrapoviè Aftermarket Slip-On exhaust system, it offers even greater power. The Slip-On system does not convince just with an increase of power and a more optimal use thereof, but also by offering a significant weight reduction and a more sporty sound and if you examine the photographs, four 100-millimiter tail pipes – all from precious titanium. A very important fact is also that the Akrapoviè Slip-On exhaust system for the Audi TTS is homologated.    



The Akrapoviè Slip-On exhaust system offers an additional 3.4 HP (at 6.210 rpm) and 5.3 Nm (at 3.440 rpm). The power increase is especially noticeable at 2.500 rpm and 3.700 rpm; a TTS with an Akrapoviè exhaust system is even more convincing above 5.000 rpm. Even though this is not a full exhaust system, but rather a Slip-On, the weight difference is still impressive. The Akrapoviè exhaust system weighs less than half than the stock system, more precisely 7.8 kilograms less. With the increase in power it improves the power to mass ratio of this 4-wheel drive sports car even more noticeably. Sporty and ear-friendly every day driving sound and appearance go hand in hand with performance improvements. A look at its rear and the four sporty looking round tail pipes, measuring 100 millimeters in diameter, is fantastic.