Pontiac Parisienne

The Grande Parisienne was, the last of the Canadian Pontiacs on offer in Europe. In Canada there was yet another full-size line called Strato-Chief, which was the entry level line over there and placed below the Laurentian in the hierarchy. This Strato-Chief was not available in Europe. There was nothing entry level about the Grande Parisienne. There was just one body style: a 2-door Sport Coupe. The car was trimmed like the American Pontiac Grand Prix, which topped the full-size line. Striking distinctions between the Grande Parisienne and the Grand Prix were of course the name badges, but also the upholstery: the Grande Parisienne had a vinyl upholstery where leather was optional in the Grand Prix. But the biggest differences were under the hood because the Grande Parisienne had a totally different engine/transmission combination compared to the Grand Prix. The Grande Parisienne was fitted with a 5360 cc V-8 engine that produced 279 hp @ 4800 rpm, making it the most powerful unit available in the full-size line. In contrast to the American taste, but more in line with the European, was the standard 4-speed manual gearbox. An automatic Powerglide transmission was optional in the Grande Parisienne. Of course this luxury coupe offered all power assisted items available as standard. Measurements were the same as those of the Parisienne. Compared to the Parisienne the Grande Parisienne had a far more luxurious interior. The Grande Parisienne had as standard bucket-seats in front, a power seat on the drivers side, power windows, an adjustable steering wheel, a radio with an electronically operated antenna and a rear window heater. Only he cars fitted with a manual transmission had an additional rev counter in the dashboard. Pontiac_1966_11.htm