Audi Nero

02.January, 2006 @21:01     Coupe News

[PIC=431:right]The Audi Nero (Latin for black) concept is an evolution of the 1930s streamlined record-breaking Auto Union racers. The aerodynamic surfaces, covered wheels and low ground clearance create a stealthy modern interpretation of its inspirational ancestors.

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The First Production Jaguar XK Rolls Off In Birmingham

21.December, 2005 @12:12     Coupe News

[PIC=427:left]Christmas came early today at Jaguar's Castle Bromwich Manufacturing Centre with the arrival of the first new Jaguar XK sports car to drive off the end of the production line. Hundreds of Jaguar employees celebrated this seminal event that heralds another era of Jaguar sporting luxury.

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Duesenberg Torpedo® Coupe

21.December, 2005 @09:12     Coupe News

[PIC=420:left]new Duesenberg luxury automobile to bring the United States back into the top segment of the World automotive marketplace - the Duesenberg Torpedo® Coupe.

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19.December, 2005 @09:12     Coupe News

[PIC=413:left]It’s only been on sale in Europe for two years, but time moves swiftly in a 350Z. The latest round of changes – which include a significant power boost, subtly revised looks and an improved interior – have been made to keep Nissan’s global sports car at the top of its game.

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Factory Five Racing GTM

13.December, 2005 @17:12     Coupe News

[PIC=407:left]The idea for the GTM is simple. Design a modern supercar and price it where an ordinary guy can afford. The only catch is that you have to provide your own running gear (GM based) and you have to build it yourself.

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TechArt Porsche 911 Carrera Police Car

13.December, 2005 @16:12     Coupe News

[PIC=406:right]TUNE IT! SAFE! ( is the name of a new initiative started by the Bundesverkehrsministerium (German Federal Traffic Ministry), VDAT (Association of German Automobile Tuners) and the ESSEN-MOTOR-SHOW.

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BMW Z4 Coupé and Z4 M

13.December, 2005 @09:12     Coupe News

BMW has confirmed that a production version of the show-stopping Z4 Coupé Concept, first unveiled at this year’s IAA Frankfurt Motor Show, will go on sale in the UK in summer 2006. The new Coupé takes much from the acclaimed BMW Z4

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