Siemens Vdo Renew RDS-TMC Contract With Itis Holdings For Another 3 Years

21.September, 2005 @17:09     Tech News
Siemens VDO has renewed its contract with ITIS Holdings Plc to supply its RDS-TMC (Radio Data System – Traffic Message Channel) service on all of its aftermarket satellite navigation systems for a further three years.

All of Siemens navigation systems can now be enabled to receive the TMC messages broadcast by ITIS, which holds the UK licence to broadcast TMC awarded by the Radio Authority (now Ofcom). Satellite navigation systems enabled for TMC receive real-time traffic information data from ITIS, not only to provide drivers with aural and visual alerts on traffic hold-ups ahead, but also automatically suggest alternative routes enabling drivers to dynamically re-route around congestion.

"We first launched RDS-TMC in to the aftermarket with ITIS. We have been very pleased with the high quality of the traffic information received," commented Nick Rendell Managing Director, of Siemens VDO. "Now that the VDO Dayton MS5600 and MS5700 come with a TMC de-coder as standard equipment, the inclusion of services such as ITIS’ TMC now automatically provides our customers with Dynamic Route Guidance."

"Siemens were the first aftermarket navigation company to adopt the ITIS’ TMC in 2001. Since that time ITIS and Siemens have developed a very close working relationship," confirmed ITIS chief executive Stuart Marks. "Retaining your first client in any sector is important as it confirms ITIS’ commitment to customer service, traffic data quality and the company’s position as the most experienced and leading provider of TMC to OEMs and aftermarket equipment providers."