Bosch achieves Common Rail milestone

25.September, 2005 @17:09     Tech News

In just eight years Bosch has produced 25 million common rail injection systems for diesel engines. Reflecting the recent diesel boom, the company manufactured 5.8 million systems in 2004 alone.

The Common Rail system’s concept allows for flexible break-down into several pilot, main and post injections which can be optimally tuned to the engine. Dr Ulrich Dohle, president of the Bosch Diesel Systems Division, summed up the reason behind its success as follows, "Common rail turns diesel engines into fuel efficient, clean, high-torque and quiet running engines."

Continuous improvements to high-pressure injection systems by Bosch, particularly since the start of the nineties, has had a major impact on reducing particulate emission by 90% in new diesel-powered passenger cars and other emissions - including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons - by at least 95%, whilst also meeting the EU-4 legislation.
"Modern diesel engines are cleaner than ever," said Mr Dohle. "The extremely low emission of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, which is in line with low fuel consumption, qualifies diesel engines as the power source for modern passenger cars."